Why We Do It

When it all comes down to it time is your hottest commodity.  Healthy living can give you more time; Time to spend with friends and loved ones.  Time to pursue your dreams.  One of our dreams is to be a positive force by offering products and tips that will improve people’s quality of life.  We want to help you add more life to your years.

What We Do

We provide you and your family with only the best products we can find.  We
focus on a few core products that we have tried and use ourselves (and in some cases helped develop) so we know you’ll get great results from them.  We try to make shopping easy and economical and we stand behind all of the products we offer with a money back guarantee.

What We Don’t Do

Although we offer you the best natural products, there are some things we don’t do. We do not perform miracles. If you aren’t ready for change, we can’t help you.  If you aren’t willing to eat right, stay active, and avoid unhealthy foods, your results will be limited.  What we decide to offer is based on years of experience and scientific research but you have to do your part, too.

Staff Favorites

Smiles to Go is my current favorite because it works for me.  I am reluctant to
whiten my teeth because of the pain whitening can cause but I’m a coffee drinker so I was a happy camper when Steve brought this product to the table.  I use Good Gums to keep my gums healthy and teeth clean and I use Smiles to Go about every third month for a full round and I keep one handy for spot treatments.  Can I have two favorites?

I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and a mom. My daughter and I both have been taking Neural Balance. Within just a week we were both sleeping better (major insomnia issues for both of us). I am still in college, plus with my job, I am always having to read and retain a lot of info and I have noticed so much improvement with my daily studies, scatter brain and memory. My daughter’s mood swings have been so much more stabilized also. All around, I am thoroughly impressed with this product and highly I recommend it as a Practitioner and a mom.

Smiles to Go is my favorite for sure.  I discovered Smiles to Go in Canada and
helped bring them into the US.  We are now their exclusive US importer.  I know so many people who like to keep their teeth white and looking as good as possible but they either don’t care for the terrible and harsh chemicals that most products use or their teeth are just too sensitive for conventional whiteners. Smiles to Go is the solution to both of those issues.  Gentle, but effective and it isn’t time consuming.  Smiles to Go is easy so you’ll be able to be consistent and it works without harming or hurting your teeth. When I use it, I look and feel great.  You will, too!

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Featured Products

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Neural Balance is my saving grace. My son David is almost unmanageable without it but he is truly a sweet boy. It has improved his quality of life more than I can tell you. He has a very sensitive palate but he loves the taste and even asks for it when he is starting to feel aggressive or overstimulated. Thank you for such a great product!”

-April T | Port Orange

“I take my smile to go and carry my gel pen everywhere I go. Whether it’s
out for a night of red wine or travelling to my next meeting. I always touch my up my teeth to ensure I always have a confident, bright, white smile!”

-Benita S | British Columbia

“I had to have my teeth cleaned every 3 months because of heavy plaque
buildup and my receding gum line. … After using Good Gums for a couple months, my  hygienist was absolutely shocked at how little plaque I had and how healthy my gums were. She said “I don’t need to see you now for 6 months.” I am so glad I found this product.”


“Finally, something that is good for me and that I don’t mind my owner
using to clean my teeth.  My breath is better, my gums are healthier, and the poodle down the road has been giving me “the look”.  Thank you, Good Gums for Dogs!”

-Scout the Golden Retriever